The Trolls Aws and Devils Elbow – Saltergate

  Saltergate is located to the north of the Hole of Horcum on the North York Moors, 7 miles to the north of Pickering.   While recently sorting through some old photocopied articles, i came across a reference to a placename called the ‘Trolls Aws’, near Saltergate on the North York Moors. The article dated […]

Gormire Lake – Abigail’s Leap

  A previous post looked into some of the folklore and beliefs connected with Gormire Lake, located four miles to the east of Thirsk.   One legend has it that a small town once stood where the lake is now, but on one fateful night an earthquake struck the town, and it sank into the […]

The Needles Eye and Wishing Stone – Brimham Rocks

  The crags and strangely shaped rock formations known as Brimham Rocks are spread across a moorland hilltop 8 miles to the north-west of Harrogate.   The rocks at Brimham have attracted tourists since at least the mid 1700’s, when the Romantic Movement inspired the ‘gentry’ to seek out natures wonders. Before this time the […]

The Man and Maiden Wishing Stones – Filey Brigg

  Filey Brigg is a long and narrow headland extending out into the North Sea at Filey on the Yorkshire east coast.   The headland is almost one mile in length, and forms the north side of Filey Bay. It is comprised of a ridge of high cliffs, which then drop down to a bed rock […]

Gormire lake – ‘A wild and bottomless tarn’

“As we descended the hill there was no distinct view, but of a great space; only near us we saw the wild (and as the people say) bottomless tarn in the hollow at the side of the hill. It seemed to be made visible to us only by its own light, for all the hill […]