Its Christmas ….

These old Christmas cards by the Swedish artist Jenny Nyström feature the Tomten and Julbocken (Yule Goat) of Nordic folklore. The little chaps are likely the origins of the Hobs and Brownies in Britain – so kindrid spirits of sorts.  The Swedish scholar, Viktor Rydberg wrote a poem called ‘Tomten’ in 1881. Here it is […]

The Brimham Noon Stone – Pillar of the Sun

“The noon-day stone, oldest of dials stands,On a sweet grassy knoll where Druid priestsMight see the varying shadow, and proclaimThe time of day.”(James Holme, 1835)   The Noon Stone is a 4 metre high rectangular block of stone standing on a low hill 1/4 of a mile to the south of Brimham Rocks, and 8 […]