Freda of Wensleydale, and the Fairy Well

  The Fairy Well is located in a field on the west side of Harmby village, 1 mile to the south-east of Leyburn in Wensleydale.   A strong spring emerges on a grassy hillside in the field, with the water flowing into an old metal trough. Tumbled dry-stone walling partly surrounds the trough, while an […]

Roseberry Topping – Odin vs Saint Oswald

  A previous post noted that the impressive peak of Roseberry Topping seems to have been regarded as a holy hill in the past.   Anciently known as Othenesberg or Odin’s Hill, this dedication, along with the possible lost shrine altars at Airy Holme, and a nearby placename suggesting a Danelaw Thing gathering location, could […]