Airyholme – the Hovingham Horg?

  Airyholme is located on the Howardian Hills, 1.5 miles to the south of Hovingham, and 6 miles west of Malton.   “Airyholme with Howthorpe and Baxton Howe” is the rather long winded name of a township in the Hovingham parish. The township consists of just 4 farms, and its name appears to be derived […]

The Devil’s Stride – Roulston Scar

“Ye see, as our foore olders hev alous sed,the giants yance wer maisters of all this hill country”   A previous post peered into the Devil’s Parlour Cave near Sutton Bank, 5 miles east of Thirsk. The cave is located in the rock face below Roulston Scar – an exposed section of high cliffs on […]