The Fairies Parlour cave – Sutton Bank

 The Fairies Parlour cave is located below the White Mare Crags (Whitestone Cliff) on Sutton Bank, 5 miles to the east of Thirsk.  In his book Vallis Eboracensis, Thomas Gill described his visit and exploration of this small cave, known locally as the Fairies Parlour.   “In an almost inaccessible part of the rock is […]

The Lost Stone Circle – Brimham Rocks

 Around the year 1785, the antiquarian Hayman Rooke visited Brimham Rocks in search of ‘Druidic monuments’. As an early archaeologist, Rooke was following the current theory that stone circles, standing stones and other rock features were erected by the ancient Britons and their Druid priests. He presented his findings to the Society of Antiquaries in […]