Elbolton Hill – Hill of the Fairies

“From Burnsall’s tower the midnight hourHad tolled, and its echo was still.And the elfin band, from faerie land.Was upon Elbolton hill.” (Dixon 1827)  Elbolton is the name of a large dome shaped hill, 2 miles to the south of Grassington, in the Yorkshire Dales.   Elbolton is the largest in a group of conspicuous hills […]

Rocking Stone – Rocking Moor, Thruscross

 Rocking Moor is an area of high moorland, three miles to the east of Bolton Abbey, and ten miles to the west of Harrogate.  The moor is named after a large Rocking Stone, which sits on top of an earth-fast boulder near the highest part of the moor. In most cases, rocking stones are natural […]